Efficiency DAO

A Better, Smarter Money Market

Efficiency DAO is the first money market providing capital efficiency for new and innovative projects.

The Problem

Long-tail DeFi assets are highly illiquid and volatile. There are no capital-efficient solutions for supporters of innovative blockchain projects.

DeFi yields “book-value“, which cannot be spent as money. Users needs a decentralized way to cash out their crypto portfolios.

Efficiency DAO fixes this.

What Makes Us Special?

We solve the liquidity and capital efficiency problem by providing lending and borrowing services based on elastic risk pricing models.

We provide creative Fiat Off-ramping solutions.

Our Differentiators

Security First

Security First

Security in blockchain projects is always our top priority. Efficiency DAO is working closely with best-in-class auditors to conduct smart contract audits and security testing.
Deep Collaboration with Projects

Deep Collaboration with Projects

We collaborate closely with high-performing projects to provide liquidity for their native tokens. We empower these projects, their ecosystems, and their communities by providing capital efficient DeFi solutions.
Dynamic First Party Oracle

Dynamic First Party Oracle

Entering a partnership with Blockless, Efficiency DAO becomes the first BNB Chain protocol to price long tail assets with high frequency reliable data feeds.
Fiat Off-Ramps

Fiat Off-Ramps

The capital flow between web2 and web3 services is unprecedented. Efficiency DAO enables investors to borrow and lend both Fiat and Crypto via the perfect union of technology and fiat offramp partnerships.

The Lockdrop: Our Public Launch Process

Our public lockdrop will mark the launch of Efficiency DAO. Stake your assets with Efficiency DAO and get rewarded with our token - - EFF.

Product Roadmap

September 2022

TGE and Private Beta

Q3 2022

Lockdrop Liquidity Rewards Program

October 2022

V1: Borrowing and Lending on Binance Smart Chain

Q4 2022

V2: Borrowing fiat against the crypto portfolio


DeFi Ecosystem for Long-Tail Assets

Strategic Partnerships Pipeline

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